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“I love the way you do your voiceover and I always have. More people should use you as a model--especially women... and I congratulate you, you have a wonderful career. ”


- Dick Orkin, VO Legend

"I learned more in ONE SESSION with Julie than in TEN with my other coach!."


- Don White, VO Talent


"After coaching with Julie, I've won 30 jobs in my first year. I had no professional background in radio or acting. I know that her coaching has helped improve my skills immensely. I'm so thankful for the wonderful start she's given me into getting paid to do something I absolutely adore!"


- Jennifer Mary, Australian VO Talent

"Julie is my first and ONLY recommendation whenever a voiceover student tells me they want to learn long-form anything. Audiobooks, medical narration, e-learning - she is the top coach in these areas hands-down. She's also a generous spirit, a smart businesswoman, and a wonderful person. Grace, humility, beauty, that's Julie."


- Gabby Nistico, Voiceover actress, coach, and author (Endocrinology)


"I have put to use what she's taught me (and have really noticed a difference in my narration work because of her!) I have been getting tons more work, and it's work I love, in the eLearning space."


- Jill Goldman, VO Talent (Endocrinology)


"Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your session on eLearning and narration has manifested itself in my career in a big way! It makes up at least 75% of my VO income and I feel like I was born to do it."


- Fentriss Moore, VO Talent


"Thank you for all I have gleaned from your coaching, generosity, and encouragement. My foundation is firm and marketing efforts are paying off!"


- Yvonne Ankarberg, VO Talent




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Aims to get people perform better by customizing their training programs with the right strategies and tactics.

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As always, I’m here to help you.  This time, let’s talk about voiceover zoom - exactly what is it and how does it work?

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Julie Williams is recognized as a story teller who connects with the target audience. She brings her own unique “style” to the your story (whether it be a commercial, narration, eLearning, audiobook, etc.) without taking the “spotlight off the star” — the story itself.

Her pleasant and comfortable presentation of the story yields a transparency in which the story comes through without the voice itself getting in the way.

She would LOVE to work for you! CUSTOMER SERVICE is her highest PRIORITY!